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Inspection of Power Plants

We have extensive experience inspecting coal, gas and nuclear power plants. During power plant outages we typically perform inspections on the rotating equipment, stationary components, shells, casings, forgings, bearings, valves and studs and bolting. For more information on our capabilities for the inspection of steam turbines, gas turbines and generators click the links below.

In-house Shop Capabilities

3angles also performs inspection services in-house in our shop in Albany, NY. Magnetic Particle Testing can be performed on our wet bench unit which has the capability to magnetize parts using up to 5,000 AMPS DC. As a qualified vendor for several OEM, manufacturing companies use our services for inspection of new machined parts and components.

Nondestructive Testing Methods

Nondestructive testing (NDT) is generally defined as a method of testing of a part or a material without impairing its future usefulness. There are many different NDT methods with each method having its own unique application, advantages and disadvantages. 3angles offers the following non destructive testing methods. Click on the link of each method to learn more about the method and the 3angles capabilities in the specific method.