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The K-50 is designed to replace wheel encoders commonly used with portable NDT instruments equipped with electronic encoding capability.  The K-50 is a second generation device specifically adapted to the Olympus Omniscan phased array and eddy current instruments using the MX chassis. However, the device may be used with any test instrument utilizing quadrature encoder inputs. The K-50 is made up of a spring loaded string / cable reel with 50” line, a rotary encoder, function switch, electronics housing, and a set of interchangeable bases. The bases aid in attaching the encoder to different component surfaces.

The K-50 string encoder is in essence an electronic tape measure that assigns linear position information to scanned data. A typical use would be in conjunction with an ultrasonic weld examination. The K-50 would be positioned at a reference location parallel to the scan axis. The string eye would be attached to or held in relation to the search unit used to inspect the weld or weld segment.  As the string is pulled from its reel the associated position data is electronically assigned to the ultrasonic data being collected.The function switch on the K-50 is associated with the test instruments software and may be assigned various functions such as: position reset, clear all, or save data.

Pulsations™ on-line combustion dynamics monitoring system (CDMS)

Pulsations™ on-line combustion dynamics monitoring system (CDMS) is 3angles' advanced solution to support operators monitoring their gas turbine assets.

The Pulsations™ system uses reliable high temperature sensors mounted directly on the combustors of the gas turbine so that continuous on-line monitoring will generate consistent and reliable frequency spectra. The Pulsations™ software offers user-friendly functional screens that deliver information continuously. The screens are designed to provide practical views on the behavior of each of the combustors providing maximum insight and comparison with the 'ideal' pre-set benchmark. The main benefits of the system are:

- Life extension of hot gas path parts

- Trip prevention due to flame instabilities

- Allow for operation with low NOx emission levels

- Facilitate tuning

- Insight in Combustion Dynamics related damage

3angles provides the expertise for turn-key installation of the system including extensive operator training and data analyses support. Click here for examples of the Pulsations™ software screens.

K-50 String encoder