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Typical generator components that are inspected during an outage are retaining rings, fan blades, wedges, forging, spindle, journal, wedges and bearings.

We have developed the AIRR system for the Automated Inspection of Retaining Rings utilizing ultrasonic and eddy current probes. This system is used when the rings are still mounted on the generator field as well as in-situ when the field is not removed from the stator.

3angles also performs boresonics on generator fields when the field has a bore, dovetail inspections per TIL 1292 and bump testing of stator end windings. 

3angles uses the Advanced Robotic Generator Inspection System (ARGIS) to perform inspections without removing the rotor. The ARGIS system is a proven concept for in-situ mechanical inspections which can be performed on many type of generators. Inspections include a visual inspection, wedge tightness test and ELCID.